What is a Chamber of Commerce?

Your Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of citizens who are investing their time and resources in a community / business development program by working together to improve the economic, civic, and cultural well-being of San Jacinto County. This is accomplished by being advocates for, and a voice of local businesses and organizations.

Who are the people currently on the Chamber of Commerce?

Since we update our membership frequently and our Board of Directors annually, please refer to our web site (http://www.coldspringtexas.org) for an up to date list of members and Directors.

 Who can join?

Any citizen who is interested in helping San Jacinto County make economic improvements by supporting local businesses, organizations, and communities is eligible to be a member of the Coldspring Chamber of Commerce.

What can the Chamber of Commerce do for me?

As a business member the Coldspring Chamber of Commerce can assist you in promoting and expanding your business by: Advertising on our web site, Facebook Page, Chamber Directory, and arranging for local newspapers to write articles on new business openings (Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies), as well as “not so new businesses” which have made improvements or have relocated. Members have access to our facility in order to conduct small business meetings (up to thirteen people) in a professional environment. Members also have access to our “Classified” section on our web site. This is free to members and can be used to inform the local community about upcoming sales, events, and notices.

Members having first priority to sponsor local events such as: The Wolf Creek Car, Truck, and Bike Show, Christmas on the Square, and The Best of San Jacinto County Awards Banquet. All sponsors receive special recognition by our master of ceremonies at these events as well as in local newspapers, on our web page, and on Facebook. Planning and sponsoring “networking” events. Such as: work luncheons for local business owners and employees. This gives members the opportunity to speak with other business owners to discuss how the local economy is performing in their areas.

The Coldspring  Chamber of Commerce prides itself on our abundance of skilled members. So much that we send a list of our members to the Chief Operations officers of large building projects, which come into San Jacinto County in order to have contractors and sub-contractors choose from our membership before looking elsewhere. This stimulates our economy as well as cuts cost for the builder by not requiring him / her to pay for someone to commute from a larger, surrounding city.

 Does the Chamber help the local Community in anyway?

Yes! The Coldspring Chamber of Commerce raises money annually for local scholarships for the Coldspring – Oakhurst Consolidated School District. Scholarship funds are raised throughout the year during events sponsored by the Coldspring Chamber of Commerce. The Coldspring Chamber of Commerce also donates funds raised during the Wolf Creek Car, Truck, and Bike show, specifically the 50/50 raffle to a different local no profit annually.

 I do not own a business. Why should I be a part of the Chamber of Commerce?

The Coldspring Chamber of Commerce is a very active organization. We have several committees which need volunteers such as: The Wolf Creek Car, Truck, and Bike Show, Christmas on The Square, The Best of San Jacinto County Awards Banquet, Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies, Working Luncheons, Academic Scholarships, Membership, and the Board of Directors. There is no business member requirement to volunteer time and resources to assist the Coldspring Chamber of Commerce in supporting local businesses and organizations.

My business is having troubles. How can the Chamber help me?

The Coldspring Chamber of Commerce offers a free session with a Small Business Development Center consultant who comes to the Chamber office and meets with you to discuss improving your business through a personalized assessment of your business management and operations. The consultant also offers a personalized assessment for those wanting to start a new business.

This all sounds great! How do I become a member of The Coldspring Chamber of Commerce?

Although the Coldspring Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit and volunteer organization we still require members to pay annual dues. These dues go towards daily operations, to include, but not limited to: web page maintenance, office supplies, building maintenance, utilities, and much more! The following is a current list of annual dues:

 Annual dues

Individuals: $50

Businesses: 1-3 Employees $100 Associations: Churches, Civic Organizations, and Service Clubs $100

4-8 Employees $200

9-12 Employees $300

13-20 Employees $400 Utilities, All Types $300

21-50 Employees $500 Elected Officials and

Government Offices $100

51+ Employees $600

 Membership forms are available on our web site: http://www.coldspringtexas.org or by contacting The Coldspring Chamber office.

How do I find out more about the Coldspring Chamber of Commerce?

With information being readily available we are continually updating our web page (and Facebook) with information about our members, Board of Directors, upcoming community events, as well as information on improving your business! All this and more can be found at:


Or feel free to contact our office manager who is located at:

Coldspring Chamber of Commerce              Phone- 936-653-2184

PO Box 980

31 Butler Street

Coldspring, Texas 77331         chambercoldspringtexas@gmail.com 

Frequently Asked Questions